welcome to Arte Noguerra online a site dedicated to the works of spanish born artist Manuel Noguera ....

Noguera finds a unique way to enter this visual world, where colours blend, light and darkness confront one another, surface and depth work together to create spectacular works of art that are open to almost infinite number of interpretations.

"My art is an assembling of forms, structures, colors, feelings, experiences, dreams, questions and reflections.  "

Not surprisingly, intuition plays a large part in both the creating process and the end result of Noguera’s work, for one cannot view it without being aware of the freedom of expression, random movements and the sense of liberation living in these paintings.



20th June 2017

current work – abstraction – all in my mind

5th June 2017

Fragments of Spain III

New artwork by Manuel Noguera at the Peggy Jay Gallery at the Burgh House Hampstead London

27th April 2017

Arte Noguerra Entering the World of fashion…

Manuel Noguerra has now launched his label and creating customised garments for

Dragonfly Art Studio




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